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How the Lib Dems silenced debate on conversion therapy

Dissenting arguments went missing at this weekend’s conference
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Lib Dems squash internal revolt on trans rights

The Liberal Democrats are once again debating transgender rights at their Autumn Conference today [28 Sept 2020]. Motions on topics close to the hearts of the Lib Dems — Human Rights and the Home Office, Fairer Corporate Taxation, even the European Union — were all discarded to make space for Business Motion F32, Supporting Trans and Non-Binary People in the Liberal Democrats.

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As a trans Labour party supporter I’m exasperated

It has been a trying week for the Labour Party. The leadership contenders are falling over each other in an astonishing bid to make themselves equally unelectable by a membership who are becoming exasperated with what many now view as transgender nonsense. I say that as a trans woman who is a member of the Labour Party.

Have they not learned from Jo Swinson? In December, the former Lib Dem leader’s election campaign went up in smoke on the altar of transgender ideology. Her inability to define the word “woman” is a masterclass in how not to do live radio.

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Lib Dems’ policy on gender self-identity


As a transwoman I second the offer by Janice Turner (“Swinson chose wokeness over women’s rights”, comment, Dec 7) to send a bunch of flowers to Jo Swinson. By exposing Lib Dem plans to reform the Gender Recognition Act (GRA) as incoherent and inexplicable Turner has alerted the electorate to concerns that I have been raising for three years.