Children Sex and Gender

What is a woman?’: the trans film that makes for harrowing viewing

Matt Walsh’s documentary poses a simple question which baffles our politicians

My autogynephilia story

We are fuelling the fantasies of impressionable children

Autogynephilia — literally “to love oneself as a woman” — is controversial stuff. Men are not supposed to fancy themselves; at least they weren’t when I grew up in the Eighties. Back then, the idea that any of us might be “sexually aroused by the thought or image of our self as a girl” was unthinkable.

Free Speech

Why Kathleen Stock’s treatment is a modern day witch hunt that should worry everyone

Are we reversing out of the scientific enlightenment? The frenzied scenes from Sussex University this week suggest that we might be. This should worry everyone. When a professor of philosophy is hounded by a mob for supposedly having the wrong opinions, the age of reason is in danger.

Sex and Gender

Cambridge’s transgender Terf wars have gone too far

What is a witch? How do we spot witches? And how might we drum up the courage to talk to a witch? Cambridge Students’ Union Women’s Campaign has the answers.

GRA Reform

Society needs to dismantle sexism before revising legal definitions of sex

I am grateful to both The Economist and my fellow contributors for shedding light on such a controversial debate. The apparent clash between trans rights and women’s rights has created a storm but, in this feature, calm voices on both sides of the discussion are working towards solutions where everyone can feel secure, valued and respected for who we are.