My autogynephilia story

We are fuelling the fantasies of impressionable children

Autogynephilia — literally “to love oneself as a woman” — is controversial stuff. Men are not supposed to fancy themselves; at least they weren’t when I grew up in the Eighties. Back then, the idea that any of us might be “sexually aroused by the thought or image of our self as a girl” was unthinkable.

Kathleen Stock recently suggested in UnHerd that autogynephilia (AGP) was a motive for “some but not all within the male trans demographic” to immerse themselves in the fiction of changing sex. Ray Blanchard, the sexologist who coined the terminology, went further. Last year, he told me that “in the Western Hemisphere and English-speaking Commonwealth countries, the overwhelming majority of adult natal males presenting with gender dysphoria are of the autogynephilic type”.

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Comment la propagande transgenre détruit de jeunes adolescentes

De jeunes vies mutilées : comment l’idéologie transgenre détruit le corps des filles et leur santé mentale

Un nouveau livre, Dégâts irreversibles, révèle comment des adolescentes sont dupées et persuadées abusivement qu’elles veulent être des hommes, et sont poussées à prendre des bloqueurs de puberté, des hormones sexuelles croisées et à subir des doubles mastectomies (retrait des glandes mammaires).


A new book reveals how harmful the gospel of affirmation amongst mental health therapists is to children who think they’re trans

Many youngsters who present as gender dysphoric have mental health issues or have suffered abuse or trauma. Yet instead of probing these causes of distress, therapists are expected to accept their patient’s self-diagnosis.


Trans activists tried to censor a book on potential harm of hasty transitions for children

Abigail Shrier’s ‘Irreversible Damage’ is a superb piece of investigative journalism that exposes the damage done to teenage girls by transgender ideology, but it divides opinion. Should controversial books ever be censored?

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Verstümmelte Leben: Wie der radikale Transgender-Wahnsinn Körper und Seelen von Mädchen zerstört

Das neue Buch “Irreversible Damage” enthüllt, wie Mädchen im Teenageralter vorgegaukelt wird, dass sie Männer sein wollen. Sie werden gezwungen, Pubertätsblocker und geschlechtsübergreifende Hormone zu nehmen und sich die Brust entfernen zu lassen.

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Искалеченные жизни

«Непоправимый ущерб» — так называется недавно вышедшая книга, в которой рассказывается о том, как девочек-подростков обманным путём заставляют поверить в то, что они хотят стать мужчинами, и подталкивают к приёму препаратов для подавления полового созревания, гормонов и проведению двойной мастэктомии.

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A mutilation of young lives: How the radical transgender bandwagon is wrecking girls’ bodies and destroying their mental health

A new book, Irreversible Damage, reveals how teenage girls are being duped into believing they want to be male, and are pushed into taking puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and undergoing double mastectomies.

Whether it is a statement or a question, the title of this book conveys the necessary urgency of this desperately sad story. Amid the trans debate, seemingly a battle between grown adults, vulnerable children are prey to a malevolent ideology that survivors call a cult.