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Mob ‘justice’: How one feminist’s simple Tweet enraged transgender activists and saw her sacked from her dream job

On August 24, Sasha White, a 25-year-old literary agent, was fired by the Tobias Literary Agency in New York. She spoke to RT from her California home to explain how one Tweet led to the loss of her job and her livelihood.

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Labour’s transgender civil war has hit a new low

August is the traditional silly season, but the Labour party risks descending into a farce from which it might struggle to recover when real politics resumes in September. In the absence of any direction from the party leadership, the transgender thought police have led the party down a rabbit hole. Last week, Spectator readers may recall the appalling attack on Rosie Duffield MP for claiming – quite rightly – that ‘only women have a cervix’. Now, the madness has continued.

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Rosie Duffield and the war on women

It’s summer but the war on women continues. The latest person to fall victim to the transgender thought police is Labour MP Rosie Duffield after she liked a tweet by Piers Morgan where he harrumphed CNN’s reference to ‘individuals with a cervix’. Duffield later angered her critics more by asking: ‘I’m a ‘transphobe’ for knowing that only women have a cervix….?!’

Morgan is a man, of course, so he escaped censure. But Duffield was not so lucky. This modern witch hunt tends to target women, specifically those who have the audacity to reclaim the word ‘woman’ to describe their sex.

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The word ‘woman’ is already taken

“‘People who menstruate.’ I’m sure there used to be a word for those people.” With those words, JK Rowling threw herself into perhaps the most febrile debate in contemporary society. Even Covid-19 has not dampened the furore over transgender rights. As two world views collide, fundamental truths that previous generations thought were self-evident have been cast into doubt. What is a woman? what is a man? and how can we tell them apart?

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La palabra ‘mujer’ está ya ocupada

“‘Personas menstruantes’. Estoy segura de que solía haber un nombre para estas personas”. Con estas palabras, JK Rowling se lanzó al que probablemente es el debate más febril de la sociedad contemporánea. Ni siquiera la covid-19 ha servido para atemperar el furor en torno al debate sobre los derechos de las personas transgénero. Conforme dos visiones del mundo colisionaban, algunas verdades fundamentales que generaciones anteriores consideraban indiscutibles han empezado a ponerse en duda. ¿Qué es una mujer? ¿Qué es un hombre? ¿Cómo podemos diferenciarlos?

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Sexism is alive and well in the transgender debate

Parents! How do you support LGBT+ kids? As a parent, a teacher and as a trans person, I think the answer is simple: treat them just like any other child. They need space to explore what it means to be human, activities to learn about the world, and boundaries to keep them safe. When BBC Bitesize explored this question, they talked to drag artist Divina De Campo. Behind the flamboyant exterior – ‘camp as a row of tents,’ according to De Campo – there is a former teacher making some sensible points. ‘Everything is there forever,’ De Campo says of social media posts, ‘it doesn’t disappear because somebody’s screenshotted it.’ But unfortunately Bitesize wasn’t content with just offering plain, helpful advice.

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Als Transfrau und Elternteil sage ich: Es ist Missbrauch, Kinder zum Geschlechtswechsel zu drängen

Die Bestseller-Autorin J. K. ist wegen ihrer Äußerungen über Transmenschen in die Kritik geraten. Hier erklärt die britische Transgender-Aktivistin Debbie Hayton, warum sie sich mit der “Harry Potter”-Autorin solidarisiert.

Nachdem Joanne K. Rowling im vergangenen Monat eine Flut von Beschimpfungen erhalten hatte, weil sie das Wort “Frau” zur Beschreibung ihres Geschlechts zurückforderte, hätte man J. K. Rowling vielleicht verzeihen können, wenn sie den Staffelstab der Kampagne an andere weitergereicht hätte. Die Transgender-Debatte, an der sie teilnahm, ist vielleicht der toxischste und spaltendste Streit, der in den sozialen Medien tobt.

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Роулинг права (Rowling is right)

Как трансженщина, родитель и учитель, я утверждаю, что Дж.К. Роулинг совершенно права: подталкивать детей к смене пола — это насилие над ними.

Автора бестселлеров заклеймили позором за предупреждение относительно того, что трансактивисты подталкивают детей, испытывающих психологические трудности, к приёму гормонов и хирургическим операциям. Однако она поступает храбро и верно, высказываясь на этот счёт. После обрушившегося на неё в прошлом месяце шквала оскорблений за то, что она просила вернуть слово «женщина» для описания своего пола, Дж.К. Роулинг, вероятно, была прощена за то, что передала правозащитную эстафету другим.

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As a trans woman, parent and teacher, I say JK Rowling is absolutely right; it’s child abuse to push kids towards changing sex

The best-selling author has been vilified for warning about how children struggling with their mental health are being shunted towards hormones and surgery by trans activists. But she is brave and right to speak out.

After last month receiving a barrage of abuse for reclaiming the word ‘woman’ to describe her sex, JK Rowling might have been forgiven for handing the campaigning baton onto others. The transgender debate that she entered is perhaps the most toxic and divisive dispute raging across social media.

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The silencing of Graham Linehan

You may not have heard of Graham Linehan but you will be familiar with his work. Linehan is the creator of Father Ted and the IT Crowd, among other comedy shows. And in the wake of the attacks against JK Rowling, he is the latest high-profile person to have been targeted by the mob for speaking out on the issue of transgenderism.