Free Speech

Teachers’ union seeks to change definition of transphobia

Trans lobbyists want the term to go ‘above and beyond legal compliance’

Suella Braverman is right: schools shouldn’t pander to trans pupils

For saying that teachers shouldn’t pander to trans pupils, Suella Braverman has found herself in hot water. The Attorney General suggested in an interview with the Times that male pupils should not be able to use girls’ toilets, and that single-sex schools can indeed restrict admission to children of just one sex. These are hardly revolutionary ideas, but they appear to have upset the National Education Union.

Sex and Gender

Teaching unions shouldn’t be defining ‘transphobia’

A year of disrupted schooling means there are plenty of issues facing our schools right now. But delegates at last week’s National Education Union conference were more interested in another subject: developing a new – and presumably beefed-up – definition of transphobia.