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Institutions should reject WPATH advice

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) claims to be a non-profit, interdisciplinary professional and educational organisation devoted to transgender health. It is seemingly credible, and UK clinicians — both NHS and private — proudly trumpet their links to it. 

Trans Health

Vanderbilt has disgraced itself over trans surgeries

The clinic is turning complex treatments into a money-spinning operation
Trans Health

The surgeons exploiting trans misery

Desperate patients are turning to the private sector

It’s never been easy to get gender reassignment surgery on the NHS. More than a decade ago, when I was living in Birmingham, I was referred by a psychiatrist to a Gender Identity Clinic in London. NHS England funded seven adult clinics: none of which were anywhere near me. I had to take six days off work just to attend a series of brief appointments at the Charing Cross GIC in Hammersmith. My first assessment came in May 2012, six months after that referral. Four years later, I was eventually discharged after my surgery.

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What Labour gets wrong about transwomen

The transgender crisis that has engulfed the Labour Party has now lurched into a new and previously unimaginable phase. When the hitherto unknown group, the Labour Campaign for Trans Rights (LCTR) launched its egregious manifesto last week, peak-lunacy seemed to have been reached.

Following demands for compliance — including “pledge 4: Accept that trans women are women, trans men are men, and non-binary people are non-binary” — they condemned what they considered to be transphobic organisations, naming Woman’s Place UK and the LGB Alliance and calling for transphobes to be expelled from the party.

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The government’s handling of transgender rights has been mismanaged from the start

Three years after her parliamentary committee reported on transgender rights, Maria Miller this week accused her own government of mishandling trans issues.

When the Tory chair of the House of Commons women and equalities committee announces publicly that her own government’s priorities are wrong, we must surely be in the last days of this shambolic administration.

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Trade unionists can help bring light and understanding to transgender debate

WHEN the government announced a consultation on changes to the Gender Recognition Act in July last year, trans people expected that by now we might be discussing the outcome.

However, proposals to streamline and demedicalise the process to change our legal gender proved more controversial than the government perhaps anticipated. Repeated delays left a vacuum that spawned polarised and often heated discussions on social media and elsewhere.