Trans ideology is damaging children

The ideology [Mermaids] pushes causes gender-non-conforming children to believe they need unnecessary medical treatments, which risks their health. An inquiry is needed before a scandal breaks.

We welcome the decision by the Scout Association to review its transgender policy (News, last week). Previous guidance, developed in partnership with the transgender lobbying group Mermaids, undermined safeguarding by promising “complete confidentiality”; promoted the idea that children as young as two can be identified as having a “true gender” that does not match their sex; and normalised the practice of teenage girls binding their breasts.

We urge Girlguiding to review its own policies to ensure that Brownies and Guides are also protected.

We are concerned about the role of groups such as Mermaids in the development of policy by schools and groups working with young people. The ideology it pushes causes gender-non-conforming children to believe they need unnecessary medical treatments, which risks their health. An inquiry is needed before a scandal breaks.

Dr Debbie Hayton, teacher and transsexual campaigner

Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans, philosopher and social theorist

Professor Michele Moore, University of Essex

Professor Richard Byng, University of Plymouth

Julie Bindel, journalist and feminist campaigner

Graham Linehan, writer and director

Lyn Alderson

Lynne Alderson, retired equal opportunities advisor

Dr Sophie Allen, Keele University

Cllr Lynne Anderson, North Lanarkshire Council

Julie Armstrong, parent

Beth Aze, parent

Jonathan Best, former director Queer Up North, writer and activist

Dr Michael Biggs, University of Oxford

Alice Bondi, retired psychotherapist

Laura Briggs, teacher

Rosie Brocklehurst

Cllr Amy Brookes, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

Trinia Budge, ForWomenScotland

Cllr Lynne Caffrey, Gateshead Council

Marion Calder, ForWomenScotland

Beatrix Campbell OBE, writer

Dr Damian Clifford, consultant psychiatrist, Cornwall

Samantha Coleman, grandparent

Ruth Conlock, Social Worker

Stephanie Davies-Arai, Transgender Trend

Charlotte Delaney, writer and parent

Cathy Devine, independent researcher and parent

Fay Donnelly, artist and rad fem activist

James Dreyfus, actor

Dr Fiona English, writer, academic and parent

Professor Debbie Epstein, University of Roehampton

Simon Fanshawe, co-founder Stonewall and broadcaster

Maya Forstater, Cub Scout Leader

Professor Rosa Freedman, University of Reading

Jennifer Garnett, parent

Helen Gibson, ex-Labour Councillor and parent

Esther Giles, Labour Party activist and parent

Claire Graham, intersex advocate;

Judith Green, co-founder Woman’s Place UK

Jess Goldie, family & children’s worker and parent

J Gourley, former teacher

Kay Green, publisher

Emma Grover, child safeguarding officer

Kristina Harrison, political campaigner

Lin Harwood, retired social work lecturer

Dr Stephanie Hayton, teacher

Rebecca Heath, teacher and governor

Dr Alicia Hendley, clinical psychologist (retired) and author

Sian Henry, parent and school governor

Louise Hersee

Seven Hex, transsexual blogger

Dr Emma Hilton, University of Manchester

Sarah Honeychurch, University of Glasgow

Dr Chloë Houston, University of Reading

Dr EM, University of Cambridge

Karen Ingala Smith, service provider for women and children subjected to sexual and domestic violence

Bev Jackson, founding member Gay Lib Front

Sarah Jay, feminist campaigner

Kate Jerrold, parent

Diane Jones, retired social policy researcher

Dr Jane Clare Jones, writer and philosopher

Helen Joyce, journalist

Rae Kelcou, intersex advocate and writer

Cllr Leigh Kirton, Gateshead Council

Olly Lambert, documentary filmmaker

Dr Mary Leng, University of York

Amanda Lesiatoi, parent

Lisa Marchiano, Jungian analyst

Lucy Masoud, pupil barrister and trade unionist

Dr Susan Matthews, University of Roehampton

Dr Julie Maxwell, parent, paediatrician and school governor

Lily Maynard, parent and writer

Cllr Caroline McAllister, West Dunbartonshire Council

Joan McAlpine MSP

Dr Ruth McGinity, UCL Institute of Education

Matesa McKeefery, parent

Dr Louise Moody, University of York

Lewis, Lord Moonie

Catherine Muller, parent and grandparent

Dr Kath Murray, University of Edinburgh

Tish Naughton, parent

Stella O’Malley, psychotherapist and writer

Juliet Oosthuysen, parent

Fionne Orlander, transsexual campaigner

Deborah Orr, writer

Anya Palmer, barrister

Gill Parke, business support in children’s social services

Rebecca Pennington, parent

Professor Jo Phoenix, Chair in Criminology, The Open University

Dr Eva Poen, University of Exeter

Sonia Poulton, journalist and broadcaster

Veronica Quilligan, teacher, actor and parent

Mo Quinn, social worker, trade unionist and parent

Gwenan Richards, SOAS, University of London

Julia Diana Robertson, journalist and author

Abigail Rowland, poet and former teacher

Helen Saxby, writer and campaigner

Professor Sophie Scott, UCL

Ruth Serwotka, co-founder Woman’s Place UK;

Susan Sinclair, Women’s Rights Campaigner, Scottish Women

Jennifer Smith, former scout leader and parent

Susan Smith, ForWomenScotland

Tracey Smith, concerned lesbian

Patricia Spencer BEM, retired nurse and NHS board non-executive director

Professor Kathleen Stock, University of Sussex

Professor Judith Suissa, UCL Institute of Education

Professor Alice Sullivan, UCL

Holly Sutherland, Labour Party activist

Kim Thomas, journalist

Professor Selina Todd, University of Oxford

Isabelle Tracy, artist

Dianne Vine, parent and grandparent

Annie Gwillym Walker, community volunteer, parent and grandparent

Helen Watts, former leader at Girlguiding UK

Rod Webb, journalist

Dr Victoria Whitworth, writer and parent

Dr Nicola Williams, Fair Play For Women

Robert Withers, Jungian psychoanalyst

Alison Wren, retired biology teacher, parent and grandparent

Miriam Yagud, retired teacher

Miranda Yardley, accountant

Tania Ziegler, teacher and trade unionist


* This letter from myself and 122 others was published by The Sunday Times on 2 June 2019: Trans ideology is damaging children.

By Debbie Hayton

Physics teacher and trade unionist.

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