La parola “donna” è già occupata

‘Persone che mestruano’: Sono sicura che esiste un termine per queste persone”. Con queste parole JK Rowling si è addentrata nel dibattito più febbrile della società contemporanea. Nemmeno il Covid-19 è servito per attenuare il furore della discussione sulle persone transgender. Mentre due visioni del mondo collidevano, alcune verità fondamentali che generazioni prima si consideravano indiscutibili sono state messe in discussione.


Marion Millar and Scotland’s growing hostility to women

Women in Scotland are angry. Yesterday [20 July 2021*], hundreds gathered by the McLennan Arch on Glasgow Green where their sense of betrayal was palpable.


Why is the NYT perpetuating myths about trans life in Britain?

Readers of The New York Times might be wondering how trans people manage to survive in the UK. From the other side of the Atlantic the newspaper depicts a hostile climate where both the Left and the Right are out to get us.

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2020 was the year the tide turned in the trans wars

2020 will, of course, be remembered as the year in which Covid-19 was unleashed on the world. But it is one in which another menace – gender identity ideology – was put firmly in its place, in the UK at least.