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Census: two-thirds of transwomen list sex as female

Over 30,000 male people self-identified as female on the census — they just made up their answer according to how they felt about themselves

New ONS data contains a startling finding

New* census data from the Office of National Statistics indicates that two-thirds of transwomen list their sex as female, while the other third say they are male. How does that work? It cannot be explained by biology — all transwomen are biologically male — or legal status. Three weeks ago we learned that there were 47,572 transwomen in England and Wales but, since only 6000 UK gender recognition certificates have ever been issued, the proportion who are legally female is likely to be around 10% at most.

The reality is that over 30,000 male people self-identified as female on the census — they just made up their answer according to how they felt about themselves. It’s hard to imagine so many people choosing their date of birth in the same way, so why sex? Like age, sex is meaningful, measurable, and objective, and it is fundamental to human society. While the conflation with sexual intercourse has often been awkward — the joke, ‘Sex? Yes please! predates my own childhood — sex has been obfuscated by gender identity, whatever that means.

Most aspects of the census are probably unaffected. The census identified only 262,113 trans people (those with a gender identity different from their sex registered at birth) from a total population of almost 60 million — less than half a percent — so for most purposes we will be within the statistical uncertainty.

But it means that the data relating to our own demographic will be seriously compromised, and that is a shame. For example, we now know that, of the 30,257 people who self-identify as non-binary, two-thirds also self-identify as female. Most could well be female anyway, but we cannot be sure.

We should perhaps be even more cautious with the data when considering the sex breakdown within age groups — the overall numbers are smaller still. I do not, for example, believe the data that suggests that 4.27% of trans females are aged over 75. That is a greater proportion than the 4.18% of trans males in the same age band. But self-declared sex has probably obliterated the data.

The age breakdown, though, we might believe. Transgender identification is a young person’s thing. Children and young adults aged between 16 and 24 are far more likely to identify as trans than their grandparents. That was hardly a surprise, but it is interesting that the expected pattern was confirmed by the census.

An individual census response is confidential, so it is one place where those in the closet can be truly open. Two reasons have been suggested for the huge increase in the number of youngsters coming out as trans: firstly, previous generations have suppressed their transgender identities and are still suffering in silence in the closet; otherwise, that trans and non-binary identity is merely the latest fad to hit youth culture. In my view, the census suggests the latter, and like all fads it will loosen its grip on many of those young people when they grow up and settle down into adult life.

Debbie Hayton

* This article was first published by Unherd on 25 January 2023: Census: two-thirds of transwomen list sex as female.

By Debbie Hayton

Physics teacher and trade unionist.

5 replies on “Census: two-thirds of transwomen list sex as female”

Indeed, Caleb, and that is the whole point: a lifetime dependent on surgery and/or drugs and lots of filthy lucre for the private medical industry, private plastic surgeons, tech industry, et al.

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DH: a lot of people may be struggling with their ‘trans’ identities and still in the closet, but what they are actually struggling with is autogynephilia and other fetishes, which threaten to overwhelm them, or they are actually gay, but cannot come to terms with that, and ‘trans’ is somehow more acceptable. This latest youth movement is a form of social contagion, rooted in pornography and drag, both of which have risen from niche interests to mainstream, infecting our children, courtesy of Stonewall, its Diversity Champions propaganda and infiltration of every public body and many private ones, too. Sexual lady feelz lies at the root of this problem, whether it is younger porn-addled men or older autogynephilic men we are talking about.

Whatever, women and children have nothing to do with middle-aged men’s autogynephilic longings, yet they are the ones bearing the brunt of this anti science, anti biology onslaught. Always, they must suffer for whatever ills confront men. I’m not letting women off the hook either. Some of the mothers of these young people and children are quite deranged. Munchausen’s-by-Proxy is probably one of the reasons many go along with this bilge, but so is deep-rooted narcissism and reflected virtue. They are a disgusting blight on womanhood, colluding in a lie. The girls who are mutilating themselves before the god of ‘trans’ are poor, deluded creatures who will waken up one morning, look in the mirror and see themselves as they really are. I pity them, so so much, as I pity the young boys who are cutting off their penises for the same reasons.

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It’s frustrating to me that people don’t automatically see what drag is: a sexual fetish. Someone else on this or another forum I frequent dubbed it a “misogynistic minstrel show”. We all accept that white people who dress up as blacks and put on a show are exhibiting their racism, so why isn’t it obvious that men who dress up as women are exhibiting their misogyny? It is precisely the same situation: One group imitating and therefore mocking another group. Drag queens get away with it, first, because women are ubiquitous (more so than blacks) and that somehow makes them a more acceptable target. Second, most people in Western societies don’t see women as oppressed. Yet across the world, women are persistently victimized. Even in Western countries, women don’t have the power that men have. As a true-crime buff, I am aware that most serial killers victimize women, not to mention that men target women for rape.

I am gay, and it is frustrating to see gays embrace drag queens. When I was in my twenties and going to bars in Greenwich Village, I encountered ONE drag queen over a period of years — and that drag queen was just an ordinary man in a dress, not an entertainer made up like a member of the band Kiss. Drag queens had their own bar, which gays generally didn’t go to. Now, every gay bar and gay group welcomes both drag queens and trans people. But same-sex attraction and wanting to be the opposite sex are two different things. Furthermore, a lot of them are now calling themselves “queer”, which to me has always been a slur.

I see drag queens as being trans. Not all of them are gay, by the way. So, from my point of view, trans people are not only pushing their way into women’s territory, but into the territory of gays also. Because of all this, I feel alienated from the gay community now.

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Hmm, yes, regarding those two hypotheses, we all know how teens and young twenty-somethings don’t give two hoots about what their peers think, and older people become incapable of being themselves

Since the trend is going towards more girls deciding they’re boys, we can’t even blame all the oestrogen we’re pumping into the environment. If anything, we should all be turning female.

Keep up the good work, D.

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