Does your parental control software filter out videos from healthcare providers? Perhaps it should.

What seems like helpful advice can be nothing of the kind

Gender identity ideology is controversial stuff. Are human beings like other mammals — where biological sex distinguishes male from female — or are we somehow different? With astonishing success, an activist lobby has promoted the idea that men and women are differentiated instead by their so-called gender identity. 

Gender identity is an affront to the safeguarding of children. Youngsters need to know the truth about sex, not be led to believe that it can be changed or marginalised. But where can they — and indeed their parents — find the truth? Not on some supposedly credible websites, it seems. 

Boston Children’s Hospital has a proud reputation. In 2022, US News and World Report ranked it the number one paediatric hospital in the United States. In response, the hospital recognised “the trust our patients and their families place in us when they choose Boston Children’s”.

With that trust comes great responsibility. But in a series of now deleted videos about transgender-identified children, BCH clinicians made some astonishing claims. For example, psychologist Kerry McGregor suggested that:

Most of the patients that we have in the GeMS [Gender Multispecialty Service] clinic actually know their gender usually around the age of puberty, but a good portion of children do know as early as seemingly from the womb.

Kerry McGregor, Boston Children’s Hospital

Really? As calming music played in the background, McGregor insisted that children can express their gender identity “as soon as they can talk”. Parents were advised to “just be supportive”. Supportive of what, exactly? Unfortunately, that was not explained. Instead, McGregor continued, “Sometimes you might not understand; sometimes you feel you don’t know the terms, or you don’t get exactly what the child means when they say they might be this gender.”

The message was uncompromising — the child knows their gender identity. But what is gender identity, and what does it mean to be transgender? In another BCH video, clinic director Jeremi Carswell MD suggested that transgender could be an “umbrella term” for a “person who identifies other than the gender that would normally be associated with their birth assigned sex”. For someone who “might have been born with ovaries”, Carswell added, “being transgender might be anywhere on the spectrum of being slightly less female to all the way to male”.

This is fanciful nonsense. Human beings are indeed like other mammals; we are female or male according to our reproductive biology. There is a word for people born with ovaries, and it is female — not “slightly less female”, and certainly not male. Astonishingly, Carswell is reported to be a paediatric endocrinologist — a doctor specialising in the hormone regimes of children.

The website of the clinic states that, “in children, puberty-blocking hormones can suppress the physical changes associated with puberty until they and their parents are ready to affirm their gender”. When adolescents have “passed puberty”, the clinic noted that “hormones can help encourage the development of gender affirming physical traits”. 

In other videos, physical approaches are discussed. Nurse Sarah Picher talked about breast binding. “A lot of my patients who identify as transgender male, or non-binary or male leaning [sic] like to do that.” Pilcher did not mention the study that reported negative outcomes in 97 per cent of 1800 adult women who experienced binding. Instead, she glibly recommended “measuring correctly” and not wearing the binder for more than 10 hours each day. 

BCH is an ocean away from the Cass Review of gender identity services for children and young people in England. Here, Cass criticised the single specialist provider model as “not a safe or viable long-term option”. The Tavistock and Portman paediatric gender identity clinic is now set to close. But the internet is global. Whilst Cass’s interim report is a lengthy read, the BCH videos were more like adverts — short, catchy, targeted messages. Children may have stumbled across these videos on their phones and devices, whilst their parents were blissfully unaware. 

Want some advice on pronouns? In another BCH video Dr Elizabeth Boskey asserted that, “one of the things that [is] really important to people in the way that they feel seen is for people to respect their pronouns”. Boskey — a social worker — declared herself to be a “cis-woman” and a user of “she/her/hers pronouns”. She was clear; it was “not cool” to ask pronouns only of people suspected to be trans. Better, she suggested, to introduce yourself using your pronouns. If children suddenly become obsessive about pronouns, the cue might have come from medical professionals.

BCH might have taken down these videos, but other healthcare providers are also peddling pseudoscience to young people in the form of short snazzy clips. Planned Parenthood has provided sexual health care services since 1916 in the United States and globally. Lately, it has been proselytising gender identity ideology.

Is This Normal? Puberty in Intersex and Non-Binary People, Explained | Planned Parenthood Video

After conflating trans, intersex and non-binary, Planned Parenthood suggests that hormone replacement therapy can help to start puberty. In some very rare intersex conditions, it might. Before that suggestion had a chance to register, the animation moved on: “Some people decide on hormones or surgeries to match up to their gender identity.”

Again, gender identity is assumed to be a fact. The video is explicit: “Your gender identity is real.” With alarming nonchalance, the viewer is then told that, “you should be the one to decide what changes you want to make to your body.” Choosing between oestrogen and testosterone becomes a lifestyle choice, like changing the colour of your hair. Planned Parenthood goes on to suggest that if, “your puberty experiences don’t line up with your gender identity … there are medicines you can take to delay puberty for a whilst”. Those puberty blockers are described as safe. How can Planned Parenthood possibly know that? Puberty blockers are powerful cancer drugs that are being used off-label. The treatment is new and experimental. The NHS is rather more cautious:

Little is known about the long-term side effects of hormone or puberty blockers in children with gender dysphoria … It’s also not known whether hormone blockers affect the development of the teenage brain or children’s bones.


Those are words printed on a website. Planned Parenthood’s material is delivered cartoon-style. According to reports, these ad-style videos have become YouTube ads, selling the message that gender identity trumps biological sex to impressionable children.

The dangers are clear to me as a teacher. I know that children are vulnerable to short, glitzy cartoons. As a trans person, I know these claims to be folly. We might struggle with our sexed bodies, but we do not need to invent a gender identity to explain away what is in fact a psychological condition, and one that children may well outgrow.

To parents, I would say, “do you know what your children are watching?” The threat comes not only from social media influencers but from seemingly credible organisations. Does your parental control software filter out videos from healthcare providers? Perhaps it should.

Debbie Hayton

* This article was first published by The Critic on 26 October 2022: Gendomercials.

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I used to be an ardent Planned Parenthood supporter because I am pro-abortion, but ever since I learned that they are part of the cabal trying to convert children, I have not been a supporter. Frankly, I think they are crazy.
I left an angry comment on that [advertisement masking as an information video], but I suspect they will delete it.

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After watching that video, I found the video of a detransitioner that was especially interesting. He was M-to-F and then returned to being male. Sadly, he had the bottom surgery even though he had very strong doubts about it. Here are some of the complications he had:

– He has experienced a loss of sensation in his new “vagina”.
– The “vagina” he was given is too narrow, which makes it difficult to have sex.
– For that and other reasons, he has pain during sex.
– His urethra was bent during the operation, which makes it hard for him to empty his bladder. Indeed, his bladder is never completely empty, the result being that he wets himself a lot.
– He has had infections and had to deal with necrosis (dead tissue).

He also spoke about other problems this type of bottom surgery can cause. Loss of sensation and/or chronic pain, infections and necrosis are very common. He said that an opening can occur between the new “vagina” and the bowels, and that can cause all kinds of complications. He said that for some patients, their sutures don’t hold, and there will be a prolapse (which I presume means that the inverted penis will slip out of its new position). He said that women who have bottom surgery to give them a penis have even more problems.

He said that he was never warned that these kinds of complications could occur. Despite having doubts, no one tried to persuade him not to do it. Indeed, they kept asking him (i.e., pressuring him) to go forward with it.

He is English, and the operation was done in England.

Debbie, did you have any complications with your surgery?


It looks like they have deleted it if you mean that cartoony one above. There is currently only one comment on the video, mine! I tried not to be too angry and stick to the facts to give little reason to delete my comment, although I couldn’t help ending, “The woke idiocy has become an epidemic.” Maybe you could have another go (or you might discover that your account is banned from leaving comments on their channel). This phenomenon is so insane and disgusting; it’s institutionalized child abuse.


Well, that is odd – all I can see is my own comment on that same video, not yours, and mine appears to be the only one when I visit it (perhaps you can’t see one by me, either; I’m also ‘lettersquash’ on YouTube). It also says there are zero comments. A glitch, maybe, or some clever divide-and-conquer tactics. I know YT provides personalised suggestions of videos to watch, but I didn’t think it filtered comments.


OMG, Lettersquash, you are right. When I log out of YouTube, my comment disappears. YouTube has apparently decided to play games with their visitors. On controversial topics, they will show you your own comments, but won’t show it to others. That is really devious.

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Thanks for figuring that out, Caleb. Yep, it’s all very devious, except when it’s blatant. An American friend sent me this link (which probably won’t be up all that long as it’s breaking intellectual property) – Bill Maher saying what many of us suspected, that the impending descent of the US into totalitarianism is at least partly the fault of the Wokerati idiots on the Left.


Well said Debbie, as always. It was my immediate thought that we are mammals that made me think how can people be so blind to all this. Its straight forward truth thats under attack. I just hope when some event brings this tumbling down, as has happened in the past with extremism, i hope those charities, organisations and people that spoke out pushing all this, are held to account. Their allies will red faced disappear or be held accountable too for spreading this.

But trans people who know what their biological sex is and just want to quietly get on with their lives are as innocent as the child and female victims of this movement.

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“It is straight-forward truth that is under attack” — well said. For a very long time, I have been saying that what will probably stop this is when the detransitioners who were pressured into transitioning when they were minors start bringing lawsuits — lawsuits against doctors, and even lawsuits against their parents who allowed it to happen. I don’t know why it isn’t happening yet.

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I read very sad accounts from detransitioners on a self help group of over 40,000 people…. i expect there are many more. The general consensus was they are under attack from trans extremists (who push this) and those who enable them… trans charities, schools, online glitter family etc, they call the detransitioners traitors to the cause and stop all mental or physical help the minute anyone questions anything at all, so are ignored and verbally abused. The public are made to belief its “normal” folk who are being transphobic and abusive leading to suicides but these lies are being pushed by those who are being cruel to the detransitioners.

Facts are, most people are very tolerant, happy live how you want but please respect female only spaces because many females have been sexually assaulted in them once they become unisex, or for religious reasons want single sex spaces so self exclude (I know men who do this) and let us call ourselves women. Keep truth alive so to speak.

Overwhelming recurrent story from detransitioners is affirm affirm meant they had no time to realise the seriousness of what they were doing and found it led to more extreme measures they felt powerless to say no, yet blame themselves (not their fault obvs). They feel more suicidal after transition than before, and hate pronouns talk, because they generally are incredibly embarrassed about their appearance/voice not looking/sounding like their biological sex which they want to try to live as again.

Sad statements like “I thought I’d see myself as a cool boy but I see a mutilated girl” broke my heart. It’s a scandal. Most say they have deep voices, many receding hairlines. These are medical experiments en masse. Has the world forgotten past atrocities in history when totalitarian regimes did chilling medical experiments.

Like anorexia, a person should get long term psychological help to love themselves and needs to be proper discussion over what age for surgery, as an adult its each persons responsibility but a child can’t decide. I’ve read of people regretting it after 20 years in their 60s or even later. A last note – those who act insultingly to women girls by parading around nakedly boastfully, clearly haven’t gender dysphoria, they’re clearly very happy with their male bodies and the misogynist way they flaunt themselves and treat women does not help trans people at all.

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Grace, you’ve made a lot of good points. Transgenderism really has no legs to stand on, and that’s why trans activists are so defensive and so unwilling to admit that detransitioners have valid reasons for detransitioning.

I often wonder why no one these days understands that you should love yourself as you are. I think one of the reasons is that this is the age of plastic surgery. Nose jobs, breast enhancements, face lifts — for a while people were having their buttocks enlarged because it was fashionable. I’ve even heard of people having their calves artificially enlarged to make their legs more shapely (what ever happened to exercising?). I mean, if you have a deformity, certainly you’ll want to get it fixed, but we aren’t talking about deformities.

I saw a news story once about a young man who wanted to be a woman. I am gay, and this young man was so handsome that he took my breath away. He was in the military during the Trump years, and they wouldn’t let him dress as a woman, so he had no choice but to look like the gorgeous young man that he was. But then he would go home at night and put on a wig, and he looked ridiculous. I would have given anything to be as handsome as he was, but he was ready to throw it away. A lot of young women are doing the same thing: They are perfectly attractive, but all they can see are the advantages of being a male.

I have come to hate that word “affirming”.


Just watched the parenthood video…. considering puberty blockers and surgery can make you sterile it seems straightforward deceptive misinformation. If a girl has all her internal female organs removed then she cant be a parent. I was actually shocked at how such dangerous drugs are painted in such a fun safe way. Just hope people sue these companies pushing this. Companies and charities are pushing all this for money, once one idea is accepted they have to think of something else to keep the money flowing from schools etc. Bible says ‘love of money is root of all evil’ and ‘know if somethings good or evil by its fruits!’ They say the bible says nothing about this movement, of course it does, obvs it also says do not judge but i say that applies to the happy individuals who havent be coerced into transitioning, not these extremists who push lies. With over a thousand ppl suing tavistock, the start of lawsuits will help but mainstream media tv is still not reporting this, and wont until someone beloved by a nation becomes a victim of any of this gender identity movement (attacked in unisex space or child transition). Look at boycott response to the tearful shook up teen on tiktok re primark changing rooms (but she still felt the need to say the ‘i believe in inclusive is good’ so extremists wouldnt attack her).

I just hope the right companies and people are held to account. My daughter knows some trans ppl and says they arent like the extreme ones you hear about in the news (where you get a male saying hes female as if its a fact of life) they know what sex they are, that sex is different to gender and just want to get on with their lives quietly, giving other people space.

Re video I couldnt see any comments tho it said there was one. Maybe the person who puts the video on is allowed to edit who can see what comment like on facebook, so we’ll only see comments in favour of their video… hence see none!

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