Sex and Gender

What The Lancet gets wrong about women

Gender ideology might not be a religion in the traditional sense but it is certainly a belief system. Gender identity — its principal dogma — is unprovable and unfalsifiable, yet we are expected to believe in it or keep quiet.

This weekend, The Lancet dehumanised the bodies of half the population.

The single quote on the front cover was stark, “Historically, the anatomy and physiology of bodies with vaginas have been neglected.”

Not even, “people with vaginas”, though that would have been bad enough. The Lancet has now gone beyond the appalling language — “people who menstruate” — that so upset JK Rowling last year.

The excerpt came from a review of an exhibition on the history of menstruation by Sophia Davis, but my complaint is not with her — she used the words woman and women five times in her piece. My concern is that this specific quote was chosen to be used so provocatively on the cover.

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