Trans Controversy

Support is needed for gender non-conforming children, who are now getting the impression that the answer to their problems is a lifetime of medication.

Sir, On March 8 we heard a series of MPs say that they oppose conversion therapy. We all do — as long as we agree on what it means. No one mentioned the most glaring example: gender non-conforming young people, especially girls, being converted from lesbian, gay or bisexual to “trans”. Many girls think they’re boys, and vice-versa, because they’re being taught that everyone has a gender identity that may differ from their sex. They hear from online forums that they may be “trans” and that it’s fine to block puberty, take hormones and have surgery. This is conversion therapy in 2021 — it is just a reworking of ugly homophobia.

We ask the government to study the evidence, including the findings of the upcoming Cass inquiry. Support is needed for gender non-conforming children, who are now getting the impression that the answer to their problems is a lifetime of medication.

This letter was published by The Times on 13 March 2021: Trans Controversy, and signed by:

Authentic Equity Alliance;

Conservatives for Women;

Fair Play for Women;

Labour Women’s Declaration;

Lesbian Labour;

LGB Alliance;

LGB Alliance Cymru;

LGB Alliance Scotland;

Merched Cymru;

Sex Matters;

Transgender Trend;

Women Uniting;

Allison Bailey, barrister;

Josephine Bartosch, journalist;

Dr David Bell, psychiatrist, former president of the British Psychoanalytic Society;

Jonny Best, musician;

Dr Michael Biggs, associate professor of sociology, university of Oxford;

Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans, philosopher and Foucault scholar;

Jo Campbell, concerned lesbian of Manchester;

Maureen Chadwick, writer;

Simon Edge, novelist;

Maya Forstater, founder, Sex Matters;

Eileen Gallagher OBE, writer & producer;

Kath Gotts, composer & lyricist;

Dr Az Hakeem, consultant psychiatrist;

Dr Debbie Hayton, physics teacher;

Rob Jessel, journalist;

Dr Madeleine Jowett, university lecturer;

Dr Tessa Katz, GP;

Kellie-Jay Keen, Standing for Women;

Graham Linehan, writer;

Ann McManus, writer;

Tish Naughton, blogger;

Jessica Silverstone;

Caroline Spry, film producer;

Dr Kathleen Stock OBE, professor of philosophy;

Robert Wintemute, professor of human rights law;

Miranda Yardley, human rights activist

By Debbie Hayton

Physics teacher and trade unionist.

One reply on “Trans Controversy”

In NZ, the Green party have played the anti-conversion card recently too. They have succeeded in making it an ‘urgent’ issue for legislation to ban it. Subsequent investigation has shown that only one informal complaint in the last ten years has been made to the Human Rights Commission about conversion therapy. The Greens clearly have another agenda going on here, which they hope to piggy-back onto a ban on conversion therapy. It’s not the first underhand tactic the Greens have used in recent times, and for that they’re no worse than other political parties, but once they were better than that.


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