On Stonewall, with Andrew Doyle
On Women’s Rights
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This Is What It’s Like Being A Transgender Teacher In Britain by Matthew Champion, Buzzfeed. 17 April 2016

Transgender women criticise reform by Lucy Bannerman, The Times. 6 November 2017

The Gender Recognition Act is controversial – can a path to common ground be found? by Gaby Hinsliff, The Guardian. 10 May 2018

One Transwoman Speaks Out on the Dangers of Trans Extremism by Madeline Kearns, National Review. 25 February 2020

Belfast transgender case ‘could have nation-wide repercussions’ by Adam Kula, Belfast Newsletter. 8 December 2020

Twenty-five NI groups sign letter to Robin Swann about ‘women and pregnant people’ by Adam Kula, Belfast Newsletter. 25 March 2021

Micro peni all’uncinetto per bimbi trans: l’ultima follia Lgbt by Serena Pizzi [Italian 🇮🇹 ], il Giornale. 1 July 2021

Debbie Hayton: la trans que reniega de la ideología transgénero y critica la negación de la biología by Claudia Peiro [Spanish 🇪🇸 🇦🇷 ], infobae. 28 August 2021


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An American Conversation. 20 September 2020

How Gender Transition Impacts a Couple. With Stephanie Hayton and the Straight Spouse Network. 15 October 2020

Transwomen are Men. With Jerm Warfare. 13 April 2021

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On GRA Reform
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Debbie Hayton

Physics teacher and trade unionist, originally from the north of England.

As a trans person I have written extensively about what it means to be trans, and how trans people can be accommodated in society without compromising the rights of other vulnerable groups.

Bylines in The Times, Spectator, Unherd, RT, Morning Star, Economist, Quillette and elsewhere.

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