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With Triggernometry
An American Conversation with Rose, Leland, Sandram Halona and Buck Angel, 16 July 2022
Transparency Podcast with Aaron Terrell and Aaron Kimberley, 27 June 2022
‘On the Edge’ with Andrew Gold, 7 April 2022
With Greg Ellis, 16 March 2022
With Katy Montgomerie and Stephen Knight, 4 March 2022
With Paola Diana, 12 February 2022
With Mars Fernandez
Hold my Drink with Jen Richmond & David Bernstein
Hold my Drink with Jen Richmond, David Bernstein & Zander Keig
Hold my Drink with Jen Richmond and Jeff Fullington, 31 March 2022
With Benjamin Boyce
With Denis Relojo-Howell
With Stephanie Davies-Arai and Mark Lehain
With Rose of Dawn and Darren Grimes
With Arty Morty
With Toki Mohoto
With Stephen Knight


Gender: A Wider Lens Podcast #51. With Stella O’Malley and Sasha Ayad. Male sexuality, shame, and autogynephilia are explored openly in a bid to gain a deeper understanding of the complicated mosaic of traits that encompass MtF transition. 26 November 2021

Sarah Vine’s Femail Half Hour: JK Rowling gets cancelled. With Sarah Vine and Imogen Edwards-Jones. 19 November 2021

Just Checking In Podcast. With Freddie Cocker. Vent: a safe space where everyone, but especially men and boys, can express themselves and talk about their mental health issues. 20 October 2021

Nolan Investigates Stonewall. Episode 8: The Debate. With Owen Hurcum, Stephen Nolan and David Thompson (BBC) 13 October 2021

Transwomen are Men. With Jerm Warfare. 13 April 2021

How Gender Transition Impacts a Couple. With Stephanie Hayton and the Straight Spouse Network. 15 October 2020

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Debbie Hayton

Physics teacher and trade unionist, originally from the north of England.

As a trans person I have written extensively about what it means to be trans, and how trans people can be accommodated in society without compromising the rights of other vulnerable groups.

Bylines in The Times, Spectator, Unherd, RT, Morning Star, Economist, Quillette, Mail+ and elsewhere.

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